Tuesday, April 15, 2008

An early taste of summer, Straight from your favorite bottle!!!!

Well ladies and gentlemen, although you thought it would never come, summer is right around the corner. And just like the seasons, the brews of the Cricket Hill Brewing company are changing as well. So out with the Paymasters Porter, and in with the Jersey Summer Belgian Ale!!! A breakfast ale as fresh and full with flavor as a day down by the shore, fermented with belgian ale yeast, this beer has slightly tangy, and fruity taste. Pairs as well with bacon and eggs as it does with a back yard barbecue, and a delicious accompanyment to your morning coffee and a wonderfully refreshing alternative to your watery yellow lawnmower beer.

For the first time ever The Jersey Summer we'll be sold in bottles through our distibutors Regal and Shore Point, providing we can get through some labeling issues we've been having as of late. But either way we hope to see our loyal drinkers and everyone else at our brewery and at the shore all summer. HAVE A GREAT SUMMER, and as always SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BREWERY!!!!!!!!!!!

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